Native American Jump Start  is a U.S. registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the state of Wyoming EIN – 45-1314755.   The organization was established to assist young native peoples in acquiring valuable life skills through internship opportunities across the U.S.


With unemployment rates as high as 85% across many Native American

reservations, Native American Jump Start hopes to bridge the gap by building relationships between native young peoples and employers who are helping to make a difference. We provide:

  • Grants for Native American Indian College Students

  • Grants for Alaska/Hawaiian Native College Students

  • Internship matching for Native College Students

Our Mission

The Mission of Native American Jump Start is to provide opportunities of growth and success for Native American individuals and families through education and employment.  We are working to empower native youth and adults to create more enriched lives for themselves and their families, while  respecting diversity and traditional values.

Our vision is to provide Native American individuals with greater opportunities and experiences in a variety of life  circumstances.


We look to instill four virtues in participants of our program:

Respect – Integrity – Wisdom – Cultural Awareness 

NAJS board of directors: Jason Skinner M.D., Craig Jones, Chris Bryant, DaveDeschenes, Scott Evans

Board of Directors

Native American Jump Start is a volunteer based organization.  All staff for the our organization volunteer 100% of their time and efforts to support the mission of NAJS.

Our Board of Directors:
Board Chairman – Victor Koosh
Vice-Chair – Dave Deschenes 
Treasurer – Dr. Jason Skinner

Co-Founder/Director – Pam Evans

Founder/Director – Scott Evans

Director – Col. Monica Foley

Director – Craig Jones

Director – Karen McKim

Director Rich Shelton

Director  Ray Southworth

Director  Dr. David Thrasher

Director – Ray Torgerson

Director – Susan Yeldell

Program Development Coordinator  Bianca Wahkinney