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Intern Spotlight - Bianca Danielle Hill

Intern spotlight

Bianca Danielle Hill

Grand Teton CTDVC Interpretive Intern

Hey all, I’m Bianca! I’m a citizen of the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin and I’m also Kiowa, Comanche, and Ottawa. I’m a senior at the University of Oklahoma preparing to graduate in May with a BA in Environmental Sustainability and a BA in Native American Studies.

I’m going to be working in Grand Teton this summer as an Education and Interpretation Intern and I am SO excited about it!

As for hobbies, I enjoy being outdoors (as probably most of us do), playing with my dog, talking about getting fit (not actually working out), drinking craft beer, and playing card games.

My favorite animal is the squirrel (any type)- I love them all and I have a “squirrel family” in my room, made up of several ceramic and stuffed animal squirrels.

I’m an avid proponent of the Oxford comma and I love Mexico. I lived in Puebla for 5 months and I choose Mexico City as my top vacation destination.

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