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Intern Spotlight - Riley berry


My name is Riley Berry. I am Mvskoke Creek and my clan is raccoon (wotkvlke). I am from Henryetta, Oklahoma. I am a senior at Oklahoma State University-Okmulgee in the Civil Engineering bachelor degree program.

Summer Internship Plans

Being selected into the Wisconsin Tribal Conservative Advisory Council allows me to implement everything I have learned in college into the real world.

This experience is unique in that I am working with not only one tribe, but multiple tribes in Wisconsin, along with the Forest Service. I look forward to putting my tribal services degree to work by learning how each tribe that I get to partner with works with the state and federal government here in Wisconsin.

I plan to bring this new knowledge back with me by utilizing it with my tribe, Mvskoke Nation. This internship also allows me to create contacts that I would not have had if I stayed home for the summer. I am very thankful for this opportunity.

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